EUDEC Member School:



Address: Pamplona. Navarra. (Spain)

Tel.: 34-948251082
Email: xantixanti at yahoo.es
Website: www.Tximeleta.org and noticiasdetximeleta.wordpress.com

Name of contact person: Santi Gonzalez

Year founded: 2002

Number of students: 33
Age range of students: 3-10
Number of staff: 5 educators and 3 parents
Type of funding (government/private): private

School Info Chart - Tximeleta

Tximeleta is a Basque word meaning butterfly. This name was given to this educational experience that has been constantly under construction since we set things in motion eight years ago. Tximeleta is not only for children, but also a non-partisan, non-religious network of very diverse people - children, parents and educators - who share a similar understanding of what learning and learning relationships are, in a way different from the mainstream society we live in. That is precisely one of its main features: It was created, managed and funded by all mothers and fathers. The learning space itself is at the heart of this community.

We try to keep ourselves away from too heavy conceptual baggage in Tximeleta. This way we allow for a more open perception of what’s going on around us every day, and our approach to children is much more laid back, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a direct and rich life experience. We don’t follow any particular pedagogic model. Instead we create and experiment; we develop our own way of making it up as we go along by observing and listening to children.

Tximeleta is a learning place for both adults and children. Behind the apparent simplicity of the daily reality there is hidden, intense and ongoing personal work done by adults. In addition we thoroughly prepare the physical environment (materials, spaces) and create conditions for natural learning to occur.

Our goals are to allow the development of magnificent learners and involve everyone in the decision-making process.