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Pédagogie Nomade (closed)

rue du Roy 8, B-6670 Limerlé, Belgium

Tel. +3280511946
Fax +3280420073
E-mail: info at pedagogienomade.be
Website: www.pedagogienomade.be ; http://peripleenlademeure.be

Name of contact person: Mireille Verbeke

Year founded: 2008
Number of students: 60
Age range of students: 16-22
Number of staff: 12 part-time
Type of funding: government

School Info Chart - Pédagogie Nomade

The Pédagogie Nomade project is destined for pupils of the fourth, fifth, and sixth year of secondary education.

Pédagogie Nomade is a Belgian group of teachers, educationalists and researchers who study relations between school and democracy.

The project is based on three principles:

  • equality: teachers and pupils decide together on the orientation and the organisation of the project.
  • the participation of all the project members in the daily running of the school.
  • the implementation of various teaching practices which transform pupils' and teachers' relation to knowledge

This project is the result of an observation: even though secondary school contributes to the intellectual emancipation of many pupils, it also tends to generate the exclusion of those who have progressively lost their desire to learn.

The aim of Pédagogie Nomade is to offer alternatives to those pupils who are at odds with school and to help them to regain the desire to learn. This project is an educational and pedagogical experiment which functions differently from classical approaches.

Press release, 18th July 2008

Christian Dupont, Minister of Education.