EUDEC Member School:

Kyiv Private School "Athens"


35-A Solomenskaya street
03141 Kyiv

Tel.: +380 44 537 36 84

Website: http://www.athens.kiev.ua
Email: athens at athens.kiev.ua
Contact person: Oksana Balakshyna

Year founded: 1994
Number of students: 155

School Info Chart - Athens

Private school “Athens” was founded in 1994 by four radical pioneers who wanted to give the best education to their children.

Why it is called “Athens”?
Because in ancient Greece Athens was the center of education, culture, science and democracy in the time of Platon and Perickl. Like the Athenians, our school founders felt it was important to raise and educate human beings as free, confident, comprehensively and physically developed individuals. Therefore, the founders adopted the principals used in ancient Athens.
Today, we teach and educate our students, trying to find a balance between traditional education and innovations. We work on the development of creativity and, at the same time, we follow state educational program, offering theoretic knowledge and practical skills.

Teachers and students are one team and around them is the world which they explore together.