EUDEC 2018


Basic info:
dates : 1-7 August, arrival date can be either the evening of 31 July or Morning of 1.8. Departure date should be the 7th of August, although in the next weeks-months we will plan some after conference activities and excursions at the nearby beaches and places of natural or cultural interest.
place: Astritsi, a picturesque small village in Crete
nearest airport: Heraklion (about 30 min by car - 25 km to the venue)
nearest port: Heraklion (around 30 min by car - 25 km to the venue)
nearest beach: around 30 min (25 km) to the beaches of north Crete and 45 min (35 km) to the beaches of south Crete.

December 2017 update from Greece

Dear democratic education community,

EUDEC Greece is very happy to share with you the work that we have been doing in the past few months.
Not only are we planning a beautiful conference for all of us, but we are very active with projects, meetings and co-operations with some key initiatives, schools and individuals in order to make EUDEC Greece a main facilitator towards change in education and in how we think of young people and democracy.

Here is a quick overview:
(you can click on the image)


· Visiting and Booking Venue (work in progress). After processing many options we are proceeding on a deal with a very beautiful venue. You will hear more about this, soon!

· Dates: We are taking EUDEC’s wishes for a conference around the first weekend of August into consideration. Since this goes hand in hand with the venue’s availability we have to wait a few more weeks till we can proudly announce the dates.


· Creation of EUDEC Greece Regional Chapter : Yay!

· Inviting people: There are many people on our side working on various forms of democratic education inside and outside Greece. People who run anti-authoritarian educational initiatives, people who work in public schools, researchers, parents, students… We want EUDEC Greece to be a connecting point for all of us working together. We are currently trying to figure out which can be our primary tool of interaction, connection and co-working. Basecamp, Trello, Facebook, mailing lists and so on are all options with pro’s and con’s. We are also concerned about the decision making processes which these tools allow. We want to be transparent, democratic and functional at the same time. It is a matter of time till we come up with the wisest solution.
Please kindly forward our invitation far and wide.
Here’s a little taste of the beautiful chaos (you can click on the image):


· Preparing a meeting with the Minister of Education. Yes. It is true! We already had a conversation with the Infrastructure Minister, where we presented our initiative and its goals. He kindly “forwarded” us to the Minister of Education. Goals of this meeting are to:
a. Present EUDEC and EUDEC Greece
b. Promote a large scale application of the “Syn-praxis” project
c. Communicate our decision to found the first completely democratic schools in Greece
d. Suggest educational changes that can be applied to public schools
e. Ask for recognition and support of our conference in August

· "Syn-praxis" school partnership project. We have designed a wonderful large-scale project between democratic schools and Greek public schools. Christiana is an expert on that, so it has all the requirements to be granted permission by the ministry of Education. It will run as a pilot project immediately and in full capacity from the next school year. So far over 30 educators have contacted us to show their interest. We already have a list of interested demSchools (filled in Paris) but we would like to get even more schools to work with us.
“Syn-praxis” is currently being translated and will soon be available in English.

· Co-operation with Nature Play – Agile learning Community. We are very grateful and happy to work along with some highly competent and inspiring people. We are taking part in ALF Weekends and building closer relationships with the very active community in Evia. More on that here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1257151307728513/

· Presentations and workshops in various national conferences
Here are only some examples:

· Research on funding. Our plan includes multiple ways of fundraising: Erasmus+, applying to various other institutions, crowdfunding. It would be nice to have some help with all that. Any information, or availability of “working hands” will be highly appreciated!
If you can donate no matter what the amount may be it will be of immense assistance and we will be deeply grateful.

. A team of specialists is researching the appropriate legal structure that can overcome obstructions and provide democratic education for all social and economic groups.

. A team of passionate people is preparing the first completely democratic schools in Greece! We are leaning towards the private international school option and working on how to avoid the building requirements and on how to keep fees low for at least a percentage of students. Any help on this on will also be highly appreciated.

. A national network for freedom in education is in the making.

· Website: You will soon be able to reach us and have an overview of all our projects on a beautiful and user-friendly Website.

So, that’s it for now. We will keep you informed on the progress of the conference and the rest of our projects.

If you have any questions, are interested to help in any way, or want to contribute to our
syn-praxis project please contact us at info at eudec.gr:

Yours faithfully,
Violeta, Stelios, Zoë, Evangelos, Christiana