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Den Demokratiske Skole

Address: Vindingevej 31, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Tel.: +45 41415736
Email: demoskole at gmail.com
Website: www.dendemokratiskeskole.dk

Name of contact person:
Rikke Knudsen

Year founded: 2009 (10 August)

Number of students: 7
Age range of students: 6-18
Number of staff: 6
Type of funding (government/private): Parents

School Info Chart - Den Demokratiske Skole

The school is democratic. Staff and students have one vote on all decisions made in weekly school meetings. Learning is initiated by students and staff individually. Conversation and play are big parts of the school life. The parents are allowed to be in school for a short time when they pick up their kids. Conflicts are solved by a judicial committee; when someone is accused of breaking a school rule the JC will call that person in and deal with the deed as fairly as possible. The founders was inspired by Homer Lane, A.S. Neill, Daniel Greenberg, Hanna Greenberg, Mimsy Sadofsky, Leonard Turton, Michael Sappir, Jesper Juul, Christel Hartcamp and many other experiences, persons and authors.