Aktive Schule Dresden
Leipziger Str. 33
01097 Dresden

In school year 2016/17 we have opened an elementary and middle school with an affiliated afternoons childcare in Dresden-Neustadt. We`ve got the permission by Sächsiche Bildungsagentur (education agency Sachsen) for our school conception in June 2016.

In 2014, we therefore established the association „epharisto e.V.“. Since then pedagogues, students and parents met regularly to turn the idea into reality – a school as a habitat of self-directed learning and equity. We started with 40 children last year; this number will grow to 200 children and young people over the years.

Please feel welcome to contact us when you are interested in more details or in a reservation for your child.
On the following page you are invited to inform yourself about our school.


Kay Carcia 0152/29380131
Tobias Grummt 0152/25107617

School Info Chart - Aktive Schule Dresden