Currently Active Workgroups

The Newsletter WorkGroup

If you have something that you want in the newsletter or in the bulletin please send it to newsletter at eudec.org.
The newsletter is sent out every three months. Have a tea with it and enjoy the stories, articles, and news from the world of Democratic education. You can receive a copy too by subscribing to the EUDEC Newsletter . You can read through past newsletters in our Newsletter Archive .
The Newsletter Group also creates bulletins which are sent out on a more regular basis to the members. Bulletins are a short list of information to keep members up to date. If you are a member you'll receive it automatically. You can become a member by signing up here .

The School Start Up WorkGroup

The aim of the workgroup is to set up an online school start up course. This course will not be like a traditional course as defined by mainstream education. It will not qualify you to start a school. It is a starting point for conversations and thinking about the different ideas and challenges involved in setting up an alternative education school. The course will be based on online. Although there may be the possibility of regional live meetings should this organically come out of the sessions. The course will last for 6 - 8 weeks. The sessions will last for roughly 2 hours and will take place at the same time each week.

Online Conference Workgroup

The aim of the workgroup is to organise a one day online conference in February 2016.

Google Grants Workgroup

Would you like to help spread the word about democratic education around Europe? Google offers some free advertising for non-profits and we are trying to make sure that we make the most of this in every region of Europe in their natives languages. We are looking for native French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian speakers to help with this project so that the ideas of democratic education can spread throughout Europe. If you are interested simply email aaronkeohane at eudec.org.

Previously Active EUDEC Workgroups

You can find our WorkGroup Policy on our Policies page .

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Council workgroups and tasks, from 2013

1 Service to Members

1 Bulletin and Newsletter (Aurore, Bine, David, William)
2 Infomails (Aurore, Bine, David, William)
3 EUDEC Diploma -Stella (William)
4 Info chart - William
5 Exchange program 9 -Stella
6 Advise on fundraising 4 -Pim
7 Suppert & advises & visits *

2 Fundraising

1 Teacher training to set subsidy a PR 6 – Pim (Stella)
2 Subsidy for conference 3 - Peter

3 Public Relations

1 Flyer (Translate) 8
2 Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) 3 - Nina
3 Organising Conferences 6 Pim (Stella, Nina)
4 Speakers List 4
5 Merchandise 5 - David
6 Press and media ( EUDEC movies) 3 - Pim
7 Documentaries (Christoph/ Magarete hentze) 5
8 Website ?
9 Presentation to universities 2 - Stella (Nina, Pim)
10 Wiki. Undem, ed-all Luggage… what? 3
11 Contribute publications 2 - Sabine
- Publication on freedom (Rachel)
- School book publishers

1 Legal support network 1 - Peter
2 Legal insurance 1 - Sabine
3 Financial support legal battles members 2 - Council

5 Research

1 20 year comparative study of school 6 – Peter (Nina, Simon)
2 Develop language for Democratic Education (John Moravec) 1 - Simon
3 Collect bibliography 2 - Aurore

6 Networking

1 Attending conferences 3 - William
2 Other organisations (IDEC – AEDO etc) 5 - William
3 Relationship Mgt. 1 - William
4 EFFE 2 - Sabine
5 BFAS 5 - Sabine

7 Internal Organisation

1 Bookkeeping - Aurore, David
2 Membership - Aurore, David
3 Announcements - David
4 Organise Livemeetings - William
5 Chats - David
6 AGM – William
7 NEW bookkeeping system – David
8 Hire Coordinator 3 - Simon
9 Website dev. Maintainence (cost of hosting?)

Bold = Has to be done
High/Medium Impact + Low/Medium Effort (1,2,3)
High/Medium/Low Impact + Low/Medium/High Effort (4,5,6)
Low/Medium Impact + High/Medium Effort (7,8,9