EUDEC Regional Chapters

EUDEC members create Regional Chapters to organise and act locally in their country or region. As a Chapter they may do some of the following activities along with whatever else they feel to be regionally appropriate.

  • Survey the regional situation in terms of
    • national and legal peculiarities
    • existing democratic schools and projects
  • Create translated versions of webpages, flyers, etc.
  • Organise regional events
    • conferences, camps, etc. for EUDEC members.
    • events for the general public and at universities.
  • Support local schools and startup groups in all possible ways.
  • Conduct a regionally appropriate membership drive and network.
  • Keep track of, and address, regional issues surrounding democratic education.
  • Raise the regional awareness for democratic education in general and EUDEC in particular.
  • Raise the European awareness for regional issues, both problems and success stories.
  • Keep in touch and coordinate with EUDEC Council and other regional Chapters.
  • Be a decentralised pillar of a European effort for the acceptance and proliferation of democratic education.
  • Maintain some chapter-specific pages on the EUDEC website.

Existing Chapters


Chapters being formed

Further Chapters are being created in

  • The Netherlands,
  • Hungary ,
  • Italy,
  • Scandinavia,
  • Spain,
  • United Kingdom.

Creating Chapters

Founding a Chapter for a region requires inviting all EUDEC members of the region to a founding meeting at which the Terms of Reference for the new Chapter are agreed on. The Terms of Reference must clarify the legal, financial and organisational relationship between EUDEC and the Regional Chapter.

For more details, see Article 3.40 of the Guidance Document or contact Council. For an example of the Terms of Reference of a regional chapter please look at this Model Terms of Reference.

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