EUDEC Regional Chapters

According to EUDEC's Guidance Document, members are allowed to create regional chapters of EUDEC to facilitate networking between people of a specific region.

Chapters provide platforms for exchange that give people and initiatives the opportunity to act locally in their country or region.

Existing Chapters

  • EUDEC France

EUDEC France is EUDEC's first officially recognised chapter and has been running very successfully since 2016.

Chapters being formed/regions with active Eudec communities

  • EUDEC activity in Poland There is a lot of activity of Eudec members and schools in Poland. There are not yet plans to establish a chapter
  • EUDEC Hungary The chapter has been founded. At the moment the last preparations are made to agree the Terms of reference with Eudec. www.demokratikusneveles.hu
  • EUDEC Germany Eudec members in Germany have an active FB group and Eudec meetings.
  • Bavaria Eudec members gathered in Bavaria following the closure of the Sudbury Schule Ammersee, and are very active with the purpose to make Democratic Education possible in Bavaria

Creating Chapters

Founding a Chapter for a region requires inviting all EUDEC members of the region to a founding meeting at which the Terms of Reference for the new Chapter are agreed on. The Terms of Reference must clarify the legal, financial and organisational relationship between EUDEC and the Regional Chapter.

For more details, see Article 3.40 of the Guidance Document or contact Council. For an example of the Terms of Reference of a regional chapter please look at this Model Terms of Reference.