Dear members of EUDEC,

one of our fellow council members, Pascal Vielberth, stepped down from council two weeks ago.
We want to thank Pascal for all his work! Now it's time to fill the empty seat. Please consider running for council (read below for information on how to do it and to find out if you're eligible).

Two months ago Aaron Keohane stepped down from council and the by-election to fill his seat was cancelled because of uncertainties on which members are entitled to vote. The upcoming by-election will therefore be on two empty seats.

We are going to have a by-election from the 20th to the 23rd of December 2016.
It will start at 14:00 CET on the 20th of December and ends at 23:00 CET on the 23rd of December 2016. Please make sure to cast your vote during that time.

Every individual member in good standing will receive an email with instructions on how to vote. Schools, start-ups and organisations in good standing have to send the contact details (email address) of their elected representative to pascal at eudec.org or info at eudec.org.

If you are a member of EUDEC but not in good standing, you can still transfer your membership fee to get the right to vote. If you transfer your membership fee after the by-election has started, please write to pascal at eudec.org to make sure we can get you your link in time.

You can find information about all candidates for this by-election on our homepage (The final version will be online 24 hours before the by-election starts). There will also be the possibility to ask candidates questions.
Please note that the web-page has to be set to English.

Being on council is lots of fun! If you want to know more, check out the current council, write to council at eudec.org or contact council members individually.
If you want to nominate yourself, please write to info at eudec.org. You can nominate yourself up to 24 hours before the by-election starts.
With any questions regarding this by-election, please contact Pascal at pascal at eudec.org

Best wishes,

your Council

Requirements for nominees: From EUDEC's Guidance Document

3:20.a10 ELIGIBILITY: The following are eligible for election to EUDEC Council: Full individual members in good standing, students or employees of full member schools in good standing, member school voting representatives or anybody else nominated by a full member school in good standing. An individual can only run if they have been in EUDEC for 2 continuous months and attended at least one General Meeting. For individuals who are not full individual members (i.e., school members), the school's membership is considered instead, and as such the school has to have been a full member in good standing for 6 continuous months. As for the requirement to have attended a General Meeting, candidates present at nomination can count that Assembly towards this requirement. Additionally, individuals who are not individual full members of EUDEC must be eligible for full individual membership.
3:20.a20 Any candidate who accepts their election and is not an individual full member of EUDEC must apply for full individual membership (as per Article 2:10) within 7 days of the elections or be automatically disqualified.