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By-Election for the Oversight Commitee

Dear members of EUDEC,

A few weeks ago, a by-election was held to fill the empty seats on Council. As we already announced Aaron Kriesel is one of the two candidates who got elected for Council. According to the following article of the Guidance Document Nicola Kriesel, who has been a member of the Oversight Committee since the AGM in Finland 2016, has stepped down from her office immediately after her son Aaron got elected.

‘3:30.a10 No member of the Oversight Committee may be a member of Council or a first-degree relative of any member of Council.’

We’d like to thank Nicola for all the work she has done!

This means of course that we’re going to have another by-election to fill the empty seat on the Oversight Committee.

Please consider running for Oversight Committee and do not hesitate to contact us to get more information on the responsibilities as a member of the OC. You can also find information on the Wiki: http://www.eudec.org/Oversight+Committee
If you want to nominate yourself, please write to anton at eudec.org. You can nominate yourself up to 24 hours before the by-election starts.

The by-election will be held from the 26th of January, 18:00 CET to the 28th, 23:00 CET. Please make sure to cast your vote during that time.

Eligibility (Guidance Document):
3:30.a20 Only an individual who is currently a full member of EUDEC in good standing (see 2:10.a25) and who has been a full member of EUDEC for at least ten
(10) full months may be elected for the Oversight Committee.


Ramin Farhangi

Dear members,

I would like to serve as a member of the Oversight Committee. I worked one year as a EUDEC Council member, I've been working for Ecole Dynamique (a Sudbury School in Paris) for more than a year, I contributed to developping the French chapter of EUDEC (I currently serve as the person responsible for Institutional Relations) and I am co-organizing the 2017 conference in Paris. I hope that the skills and knowledge I developed through these experiences will be of use within the OC team.

The Council is currently going through a process of transformation, and the Oversight Committee is already playing a role in facilitating this change. I believe that bringing the French experience could be of some use. I'd be glad to contribute to improving EUDEC by holding this role.

Peter Foti

Dear Eudec Members,

I would be pleased to be the member of the Oversee Cometee. I am a member of the EUDEC since it was established many years.
I never like to list things about myself, but here it is inevitable:
I am one of the founder and the president of the EUDEC Hungary. (www.demokratikusneveles.hu)
I also the administrator of the International Democratic Network. (www.idenetwork.org)
I have written a real lot about democratic education. (only some few things in english, but I will some of them for you, if there is an interest)
I think that EUDEC needs a real reform, to be more effectiv, to serve our individuals, and schools.
I don't beleive, that democratic education is already ready. It is a mouvment, which have to find new ways, give impulses from mainstream education, but also give impulses to it.

As an oversee commetee member I would try to make our organisation less burocratic, more flexible. (one caracteristic of good education).