Democratic schools empower children. EUDEC empowers democratic schools. We work with you to make a positive impact on education and in your school. Learn more »


What is EUDEC?

EUDEC is a non-profit organisation that promotes democratic education as a sensible educational model for all democratic states. Its members are individuals, schools and institutions throughout Europe with decades of experience in democratic education. Read more »

What is Democratic Education?

There are two pillars of democratic education:

  • self-determined learning.
  • a learning community based on equality and mutual respect. Read more »


EUDEC currently represents ...


about 60,000 people and 60 groups from 29 countries, including:



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EUDEC in your area

There are regional and local EUDEC groups in many different places in Europe. To get into contact with them, either simply write an email to , contact somebody at one of our Member Schools in your area or register on this website and then use our Public Discussion Forum.